Road Repaving: Learn the Terms

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As you start to see certain SPLOST-funded projects begin around town, it may be helpful to understand the lingo that our City Engineer is using when he talks with the Mayor and City Council about which roads to repave. Here’s a brief guide to make you better informed on road repaving.

Experience Counts: City Engineer Poised to Make Tucker’s SPLOST a Success

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Ken Hildebrandt has been Tucker’s City Engineer since 2016, working with other engineers and developers to ensure that projects are constructed to meet city and state guidelines. Over the course of a nearly 30-year career, the Georgia Tech graduate has done engineering work in the private sector, as well as in five different cities around Metro Atlanta. He enters Tucker’s SPLOST process knowing the City faces some obstacles.

April 2018 – From the Mayor

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Starting April 1, you may notice a small change to your bill when you go shopping. That’s because the sales tax on most items across DeKalb County is going from seven percent to eight percent; a result of the new SPLOST that passed with 70+ percent support last November.