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Tucker Q&A: Coyotes

The City of Tucker, much like the rest of Metro Atlanta, routinely experiences intrusions by nuisance wildlife like coyotes. Here are some of the things residents should know in the event they encounter coyotes.

Tucker Q&A: City Elections

Tucker City elections are just around the corner. Before folks decide to run for office, they need to know what paperwork and costs are involved.

TUCKER Q&A: Business Licensing

Do all businesses in the City of Tucker need to apply for business licenses?

TUCKER Q&A: Annexation

What steps can be taken by a resident or business owner who wants to be annexed into Tucker?

TUCKER Q&A: Sunday Alcohol Sales

Is it legal for a retailer to sell alcohol in the city of Tucker on a Sunday?

TUCKER Q&A: Building and Permitting

There are two major reasons why a homeowner needs a permit on projects.

TUCKER Q&A: Public Safety

Answers to your frequently asked questions regarding public safety in our community.

TUCKER Q&A: Noise Ordinance

What can residents do to stop incessant dog barking or noise from fireworks?